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At Legacy Underwriting Managers we understand that technology and systems can make or break a broker, and our aim is to build on the trust and confidence our clients already have in our knowledge and skills. Our innovative systems and services make life easier for us as underwriters and you and your clients.

Whether you’re looking for a personal insurance underwriting system or personal insurance underwriting, our innovative software for general insurance underwriting, systems and processes will allow you as our client access to your portfolio in real time wherever you are and offers you improved communication with your client.

We have long-standing business relationships with some of the biggest insurance companies in South Africa. These include Santam, HollardBryte and Old Mutual Insure.

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Our success lies in our unique insurance solutions.

We have taken the lead by empowering our underwriting managers with world-class insurance underwriting manager tools. With years of experience, a wealth of knowledge and the latest in underwriting technology, our insurance underwriting managers are able to offer you the best customer care and underwriting services.

As insurance underwriting managers we have full decision making authority. This means no bureaucracy, no unnecessary red tape, and no wasted time. You can rest assured that, as your insurance underwriting manager, we can answer any of your questions effectively and efficiently and your portfolio will be managed according to your insurance needs and requirements.



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About Legacy Underwriting Managers Couple

Whether you are searching for insurance solutions for your business or personal clients, Legacy Underwriting Managers can offer policy holders competitive premiums and cutting edge cover.

There is nothing “general” about our general insurance underwriting, and we put the “personal” back into personal insurance underwriting. Our innovative technological capabilities and dedicated team is what gives Legacy Underwriting Managers the competitive edge in the insurance industry. By keeping abreast of industry related trends and changes and our hands-on customer centric approach, we gain and retain the respect and trust of all our clients.

About Legacy Underwriting Managers

We never take our clients’ trust for granted, and therefore we serve our clients with knowledge and integrity – always trying to add value. As a forward-thinking and insurance underwriting manager dealing with both personal insurance underwriting and small commercial underwriting, we are constantly expanding our existing products and improving our systems and software to  live up to our promise of diligently guarding our client’s best interests.

About Legacy Underwriting Managers




For the most advanced insurance underwriting management services, computer systems and digital communication technology available in the industry, contact Legacy Underwriting Managers today!